25 February, 2010

Purim !

It's Purim again (just like every year) and it's time to re-post this purim remix I've
done few years ago....Have fun !

MP3 Download:
Purim Remix-Sabbo
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14 February, 2010


It's valentines day today and instead of posting some cheesy love ballad I'm posting Axum's sleaziest tune ft. Noa Faran.

MP3 Download:
Axum-Oohh Featuring Noa Faran
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27 November, 2009

Karolina-Hapiness Remix

Hapiness is Karolina's first single from her new album due to be released Dec 9th.The album was produced by Sabbo & Kuti.
The single is getting massive airplay on Israeli radio and is currently at #2 on the charts.
This remix is actually the original version we did more than two years ago...

Karolina-Happiness (Sabbo & Kuti Remix) by Sabbo

and here's the album version:

16 November, 2009

Coolooloosh-People Of The Streets (Sabbo Remix)

Coolooloosh are a great live hip-hop band mixing funk,jazz and Mediterranean elements into their stew. They are originally from Jerusalem and their MC is Baltimore born "Rebel-Sun".
Their latest album is called "Elements Of Sound".To celebrate it and their intensive tours they have released a remix album.This is my remix:

MP3 Download:
Coolooloosh-People Of The Streets(Sabbo Remix).mp3
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I've also re-edited the original video to fit my remix.Watch it !

23 October, 2009

Soulico Oct-Nov USA Tour

07 October, 2009

Soulico-Exotic On The Speaker ALBUM OUT TODAY !!!

Mazal Tov! After two years in the making our album is finally out !

Exotic on the Speaker combines Soulico’s trademark eclectic blend of energy-charged beats with a masterful fusion of everything from hip-hop, reggae and dancehall to Israeli folk and disco. The album features guest appearances by Ghostface Killah (Wu Tang), Del the Funky Homosapien, MIA’s protege Rye Rye, Pigeon John, MC Zulu, Ceci Bastida and Middle Eastern MCs Tomer Yosef (of Balkan Beat Box), Onili, Saz,Axum,Soul-J and Rebel-Sun.

Where to buy:
Digitally: iTunes, Amazon or Insound
Physically: JDub Webstore, Amazon and all those fine record stores that you LOVE to visit!
Exotic on the Speaker is also available on vinyl from the JDub Webstore

Check out some of the blog hype this got:
First Up

Download some FREE MP3’s:
S.O.S ft. Pigeon John & Ceci Bastida download
Put Em Up ft. Lyrics Born & Axum download
Exotic on the Speaker ft. Rye Rye download
Queen of Hearts ft. MC ZULU download

03 October, 2009

Busy Signal-Black Belt (Sabbo Remix)

I've just downloaded this tune a couple of hours ago,I love the song but it has no beat (only Kung-Fu samples and a metronome click) so I just had to add something to it...

Busy Signal - Black Belt (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

27 September, 2009

Soulico-Exotic On The Speaker Feat. Rye Rye

Soulico’s debut album out now digitally and on vinyl & CD on Oct 6.
This is our new single featuring Rye Rye.

For those of you who don't know,Rye Rye is M.I.A. protege and signed to her label. She is from Baltimore and her first break was with the amazing Baltimore Club track Shake It To The Ground.

MP3 Download:
Soulico-Exotic On The Speaker Feat. Rye Rye
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08 September, 2009

Kid Conga-Daniel Haaksman Ft.MC Miltinho (Sabbo Remix)

This is another brand new remix I've made to this remix contest.

Daniel Haaksman ft. MC Miltinho - Kid Conga (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

Figura-Ze Bula-Sabbo Remix

This is a remix I've made to the Zebula remix contest.

01 September, 2009

Malca-KsheTiftah Et Ha'eynayim (when you will open your eyes)

This is the fifth track off Malca's album.
Check out previous posts for more of her music and info.

MP3 Download:
KsheTiftah Et Ha'eynayim
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28 August, 2009

The Wong Boys-Git Ur Fuk On (Sabbo Remix)

I took part in a remix competition for The Wong Boys that was run by Discobelle.
I won it (now I'm filthy rich) and here's the result.

The Wong Boys-Git Ur Fuk On (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

23 August, 2009

Ortega-Tikvot (hopes)

Ortega aka OTG is a dope MC with an unstoppable fast flow. This is the first video from his new album.