27 August, 2008

Xtral & Neo 69-Her Look

Xtral is an 18 year old rapper from Karmiel. Produced by EFR,also from Karmiel.

MP3 Download:
Xtral & Neo 69-Her Look
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06 August, 2008

Sabbo&Kuti Feat. Silverdon and Jacky Maika-"Lo Hashoov Li Le'an"

Single Cover


Jacky Maika

This song was originally a hit song by Jacky Maika and was released somewhere in the 80's.
a few years ago he re-recorded the tune as a "special" for Unity Sound,Israel's only sound system that plays and records strictly Israeli artists.
Silverdon,Israel's dancehall ambassedor,talked to us about remaking this and we fell in love with this tune instantly!
It is now gaining some serious airplay !

Sabbo&Kuti Feat. Silverdon and Jacky Maika
"Lo Hashoov Li Le'an"
(streaming only)

For all of you who wants to remix,Here's the acapella(77bpm):
Lo Hashoov-Acapella
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05 August, 2008

Axum-Hakshivu Na / REMIXES !!!

Axum's "Hakshivu Na" single was released a while ago with a very funny calypso remix from our friends Radio Trip.It works very well with a martini cocktail !
I recently received another remix from a young producer called Yossi Efraimove AKA EFR Production.

p.s. Axum's album is done and mastered.will be out very soon :-)

MP3 Downloads:

Axum-Hakshivu Na-RadioTrip Remix
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Axum-Hakshivu Na EFR Remix
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04 August, 2008

Bernard Purdie Vs. Kutiman

Kutiman took the drum beat from the video above and added his signature sound to it.
The result is here below