31 January, 2009

Fatima w/ Cohen, Cuthead & Dorian Concept

This smooth soulful tune was produced by Cohen of Cohen@Mushon alongside Cuthead & Dorian Concept ,And features vocals from Fatima.
This track was made as part of the Red-Bull Academy.
For more details on the making of this song go here.

MP3 Download:
Do I Know You?-Fatima w/ Cohen, Cuthead & Dorian Concept
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27 January, 2009

Sabbo-Check It Out !!!

I've made this long time ago but somehow forgot to post it here.
This is based on WRECKX-N-EFFECT Smash hit "Rumpshaker".

MP3 Download:
Sabbo-Check It Out
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25 January, 2009


Num_Lock (Ido Flax ) is a producer and DJ who originally comes from Jerusalem. He mostly produces dubstep and 2step.
For this track he recorded an Oud and added arabic strings to give it that middle eastern flavor.

MP3 Download:
Num_Lock-The Teachings Of The 20th Hz
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20 January, 2009

Rod Lee-Let me see what you workin' with (Sabbo Remix)


This is a remix I've made to Baltimore's club and hip hop producer Rod Lee.
It was also featured on Discobelle.

MP3 Download:
Let me see what you workin' with-Rod Lee (Sabbo Remix)
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