21 December, 2008

Johnny feat.Sabbo & Kuti-Chika Virtualit

Johnny (Johnathan Goldstein) is a 17 years old producer/rapper from Jerusalem.He started his first musical moves by the age of 12 when he worked with Doodoosh Klemes from Hadag Nachash.
Although very young,he already produced several albums for artists including Sagol 59,Hadara Levin and Noa Faran.
This song is from his new album called The Johnny Show. It was written and produced by Johnny,Kuti and myself.

MP3 Download:
Johnny-Chika Virtualit ft. Sabbo & Kuti
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20 December, 2008

The 87 Stick Up Kids-Stoops & Basements (Sabbo Remix)

The 87 Stick Up Kids are four guys from LA.They are bringing back the much needed fun to hip hop !
This is a remix I've made for a remix contest in URB magazine.

I played it (twice) at the club last night and it bounced real hard!

MP3 Download:
Stoops and Basements (Sabbo RMX)
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29 November, 2008

Produx-Demo Mixtape

Produx are: Rafiki(Aristo)Man,Nechi Nech and Chicho,three MC's from Petach Tikva.
I've already posted Oh La La and Nechi's A Millie Freestyle before but now I'm happy to exclusively offer you the rest of the mixtape !!!

MP3 Downloads:

Ohh la la
(Right Click and Save As)

Ad Laseshenim Baheder
(Right Click and Save As)

Lo Hetzagti
(Right Click and Save As)

Sovel Me'mahalat Nefesh
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Veze Mukdash
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Special Bonus Track ! (produced by Tomy Brown)

Nechi Nech-Lesham Ata Tagia
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25 November, 2008

Skinny- Official Remix feat.Jikky

This is the official remix of Ruff 's club banger "Skinny". The official remix was produced by Ruff and features the Houston-based rapper Jikky.

Ruff-Skinny (Official Remix) Feat.Jikky
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22 November, 2008

Go Ballistic !

This is a remix I've made to Ghislain Poirier's bomb,"Go Ballistic" feat. MC Zulu.

Go Ballistic Feat MC Zulu (Sabbo Remix)
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You can also get the WAV Here (right Click & Save As)

13 November, 2008

DJ Rob-Soul Ecstacy part 1

My man Rob recorded this laidback soul session at the Shesek bar.It featured lots of raraties from his crates !

Now go and download it ! HERE !

11 November, 2008

Ruff-Do That Dance

Ruff (Guy Gabriel) is a producer and an MC coming from the city of Hedera.
I already posted he's previous banger Skinny a few months ago.
He recently made this club banger that moves the girls and snaps the boys in the club !
Ruff - Do That Dance
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01 November, 2008

Laroz and Peled-Tabasco

This hot hot tune by Laroz and Peled was only released as a CD single.it was recorded around two years ago and was supposed to be included in Laroz's album called SoundSystem.
Tabasco-Laroz ft. Peled
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Here is another version on the same riddim that was included in the album.
vocals by Ruben Campbell aka RuCl
Justin-Laroz ft.Ruben Campbell
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31 October, 2008


Kalbata is one of Israel's top guns when it comes to all things bass. he has produced remixes for Roll Deep, Spank Rock, Fat Freddy's Drop and was recently signed to the prestigious Soul Jazz label with two 12"'s out featuring the mighty Warrior Queen and MC Clapper Priest.
Here is an exclusive Kalbata remix for Sunship's 'Quits', also featuring Warrior Queen.
Sunship ft. Warrior Queen (Kalbata Remix)
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In addition,a recording of Kalbata & Clapper Priest performing live at the Soul Jazz launch party in Tel Aviv!
Kalbata ft Clapper Priest @ Soul Jazz Dance (Part 1)
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Kalbata ft Clapper Priest @ Soul Jazz Dance (Part 2)
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24 October, 2008

Mochipet-Rambunktion (Sabbo Remix)

Mochipet had a remix contest for tracks from his new album.The original acapella features 215 The Freshest Kids and TaiwanKid.
Here's my version.

Streaming only:

13 October, 2008

Love Lockdown-Sabbo Remix

I know this song was remixed many times but I had to remix it too...
I even re-edited the video to fit my version...
MP3 Download:
Kanye West-Love Lockdown Sabbo Remix
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07 October, 2008

E-Z-"You turned out to be a homous" Genius A Remix

E-Z Just sent me this spankin' new remix made by Genius A to his latest single !

MP3 Download:
E-Z:Homous (Genius A Remix)
(Right Click and Save As)

peep the video:

27 September, 2008

Finger on the trigger-Sabbo

2002 was a rough year here in Israel.Suicide bombers on a weekly basis,IDF counter attacks,and general moral depression...
I usually try to stay away from politics and governments bullshit but this was way too much for everybody.
I've made this track during those days.I've used the piano intro from Bedouin love song as performed by Daviv Broza and added scratching from various vinyl records.Kuti added some eerie fender-rhodes chords on top as well.

Ben-Gurion closes the track with a very optimistic prophecy... Too bad these scratches are from 30 year old vinyl but still sound very relevant today.
The very limited cd single cover featured DJ Ben-Gurion and was made by Talisman.

MP3 Download:
Finger on the trigger-Sabbo
(Right Click and Save As)

And here's the David Broza version:

24 September, 2008

Fishi Hagadol-Street Wise (Kalbata Remix)

Kalbata (Ariel Tagar) is bass music producer from Tel-Aviv.He already done remixes for Spank Rock, Fat Freddy's Drop, Roll Deep, Ben Mono, Jahcoozi and more.
Kalbata just released a new 12" on Soul Jazz Records featuring Warrior Queen.
This remix to Fishi Hagadol (Adam Ben-Lavi) was made few years ago and keeps killin' it on bass heavy dancefloors!

MP3 Download:
Street Wise (Kalbata Remix)
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23 September, 2008

Lel Stav (Autumn Night)-Laroz Remix

Laroz was asked to do this remix for 102fm as a holiday season project.
The original is a classic vintage hebrew song originally recorded in 1966 by Yafa Yarkoni.
This remix samples a later version with both Yafa Yarkoni & Hava Alberstein.

MP3 Download:
Lel Stav-Laroz Remix
(Right Click and Save As)

The original Video:

18 September, 2008

Sagol 59-"Head Cleaning" Mankush Remix

This remix to the song by Sagol 59 is taken from a compilation album called "Leshem Shinoi"(for a change) ,dedicated to songs about social change.
For more info visit Shtil.

MP3 Download:
Sagol 59-HeadCleaning MankushRemix
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09 September, 2008

Laroz Ft. Ranking Levy-Roots Man Party

Laroz is Israel's leading Dub and Reggae magician.This time he collaborates with Ranking Levy out of the amazing retro sound system,Mylord Sound.

This tune is going to be released on the "Global Feeders" compilation on Mighty Fat Records.

MP3 Download:
Roots Man Party-Laroz Ft.Ranking Levy
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08 September, 2008

Sabbo & Kuti Ft. Shlomi Alon-"Ma she'at osa"

Me & Kuti made this one with Shlomi Alon in mind.
Shlomi sings and plays sax.He is joined by Yair Slutzki on trombone.
This song was probably played the least times out of all of our songs on the radio,but it is one of our favourites !

MP3 Download:
Sabbo & Kuti Ft.Shlomi Alon-Ma she'at osa
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Sabbo & Kuti Ft.Shlomi Alon-Ma she'at osa-Instrumental
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Sabbo & Kuti Ft.Shlomi Alon-Ma she'at osa-Acapella
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01 September, 2008

Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava Remixes

Soulico's "Avood Me'ahava" (love lost) was originaly released in late 2007.it featured production from Shimi Sonic and vocals from Oren Barzilay of the famous Dr.Kaspers Rabbit Show's .
The single was released with a great remix by Nadav Ravid who works with
Polar Pair and with Botanika.
A few weeks later EsVee did another great remix !

MP3 Download:
Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava Acapella
(Right Click and Save As)

Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava-NDV Remix
(Right Click and Save As)

Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava-EsVee Remix
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27 August, 2008

Xtral & Neo 69-Her Look

Xtral is an 18 year old rapper from Karmiel. Produced by EFR,also from Karmiel.

MP3 Download:
Xtral & Neo 69-Her Look
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06 August, 2008

Sabbo&Kuti Feat. Silverdon and Jacky Maika-"Lo Hashoov Li Le'an"

Single Cover


Jacky Maika

This song was originally a hit song by Jacky Maika and was released somewhere in the 80's.
a few years ago he re-recorded the tune as a "special" for Unity Sound,Israel's only sound system that plays and records strictly Israeli artists.
Silverdon,Israel's dancehall ambassedor,talked to us about remaking this and we fell in love with this tune instantly!
It is now gaining some serious airplay !

Sabbo&Kuti Feat. Silverdon and Jacky Maika
"Lo Hashoov Li Le'an"
(streaming only)

For all of you who wants to remix,Here's the acapella(77bpm):
Lo Hashoov-Acapella
(Right Click and Save As)

05 August, 2008

Axum-Hakshivu Na / REMIXES !!!

Axum's "Hakshivu Na" single was released a while ago with a very funny calypso remix from our friends Radio Trip.It works very well with a martini cocktail !
I recently received another remix from a young producer called Yossi Efraimove AKA EFR Production.

p.s. Axum's album is done and mastered.will be out very soon :-)

MP3 Downloads:

Axum-Hakshivu Na-RadioTrip Remix
(Right Click and Save As)

Axum-Hakshivu Na EFR Remix
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04 August, 2008

Bernard Purdie Vs. Kutiman

Kutiman took the drum beat from the video above and added his signature sound to it.
The result is here below

30 July, 2008

A Million Shekels $$$

A Millie is one of the biggest hits of 2008 and has tons of versions.
Here are some local versions:

MP3 Download:
Axum-Ma im ha Millie (Sabbo Mashup)
(Right Click and Save As)

A millie-Nechi Nech Freestyle
(Right Click and Save As)

Achushling-Peled and Ortega
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16 July, 2008

Produx-Ooh la la

Produx are three MC's (Chico,Rafiko Man & Nechi Nech).They are about to release a mixtape full of their hardocore reggae hip hop thing.

MP3 Download:
Produx-Ohh la la
(Right Click and Save As)

14 July, 2008

The Bakery-Just another bus ride...

Many people who live in Israel know the scenario of taking a bus ride while some disrespectful youth is playing some awful songs out of his cellular phone...
The Bakery addressed this painful issue in a funny song from their forthcoming mixtape called "It tastes better in hebrew".

Check it out!

MP3 Download:
The Bakery-Just another bus ride...
(Right Click and Save As)

11 July, 2008

Sagol 59 ft. Dan Toren-Ping Pong (GreenHouse Remix)

Sagol 59 recently released his new album "Make Room".The album was well received by both critics and fans.The album's main producer is the 17 year old prodigy called Little Johny.
It is released in the US by Jdub Records.
Ping Pong is the first single released and features guest vocals by Dan Toren.It also included a really cool reggae remix by GreenHouse (Amir Estlein).

It's all yours to download and enjoy!

MP3 Download:
Sagol 59 feat.Dan Toren-PingPong (GreenHouse Remix)
(Right Click and Save As)

08 July, 2008

Ruff & Shiny Shai-Skinny !

I'm really happy to be the first to present this bangin' new tune from Ruff & Shiny Shai.This dou is based on Ruff (Guy Gabriel) doing the vocals and Shiny Shai (Shai Azulay) on production and they've been workin' together for around 7 years.

This tune gonna get some serious heat in the clubs!

MP3 Download:
Ruff & Shiny Shai-Skinny (Right Click and Save As)

30 June, 2008

Axum-Ma im hakesef ?

A brand new video to Axum's latest single"Ma im hakesef ?" (What's with the money ?).
It was shoot in Netanya ,Axum's hometown.It features their friends and relatives from the hood.
the single was released about a month ago and got some great reviews:
(Music produced by Sabbo & Kuti)

27 June, 2008

Chakamoon-Dont go too far

Shaham Ohana aka Chakamoon is a very talented multi-instrumentalist and singer.He released his album "You & Me" in 2005.
I think this is an amazing song and video.
(directed by:Kutiman)

23 June, 2008

Axum-Pitum Banu-Remixes !!!

Axum's club Banger single was released in Nov 2006.It originally included Kalabata's dirty bass remix.
Here are two more:
a bouncy Baltimore Club remix by Ido Wido of the infamous Soulico,and a laidback remix by Cohen of the famous Cohen@Mushon.
There are some more bootleg remixes around Emule...I'll try to look for them too...

Pitom Banu Single release party on Ynet !

MP3 Download:
Axum-Pitom Banu Wido REMIX (Right Click and Save As)

MP3 Download:
Axum-Pitom Banu Cohen REMIX (Right Click and Save As)

MP3 Download:
Axum-Pitom Banu Kalbata REMIX (Right Click and Save As)

(Try refreshing page if you encounter playback error's)

16 June, 2008

Tomer Yosef-Lazooz (Sabbo & Kuti Remix)

Tomer Yosef was born and raised in kfar saba, Israel. began his acting career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1990’s. He performed live throughout Israel, appeared on a TV show called "Platefuls" and had a radio show on Reshet Gimel, an Israeli radio station, And acting in a couple of Israeli feature films. Tomer moved to New York City and in 1998 started along with itamar zigler "the Zion train" which was a 9 piece band who was performing in n.y.c. after 2 years got together with tamir muskat to produce his first album "Say Something.” In 2001 he got back to Israel to promote and tour. In 2003 started working at his home studio in tel aviv on his 2 album and has worked as an electronic artist, wrote, composed, and produced along with tamir muskat, working on the n.y. tel aviv line. 2004 started a d.j. set and performed all over Israel, while joining to the Balkan Beat Box vision, as a guest singer on the first album and joined the Balkan Beat Box as an m.c. , percussionist and samples in the live shows. These days, after releasing his 2 album “laughing underground”, he is touring Israel and Europe with his band and touring with the Balkan Beat Box all over the world.

We made this remix long time ago...however,we were too late to be included on the single so we played this only at soulico parties and always got great crowd feedback !

MP3 Download:
Tomer Yosef-Lazooz (Sabbo & Kuti Remix)
(Right Click and Save As)

13 June, 2008

GOG-This song will not change your life

This is the first single by GOG,a joint venture of Isreael's dub king Laroz and Gilad Cahana,from the infamous group Girafot.
This song is about Ehud Olmert,Our corrupted prime minister and his 9 souls.

MP3 Download:
This song will not change your life(Right Click and Save As)

03 June, 2008

Asaf Amdursky-15 Minutes (Sabbo Remix)

This is a trip down memory lane here !

Asaf Amdursky's big hit "15 Minutes" was released in 1998 as a CD single and later on his album "Silent Engines".
Asaf played his new album to me and asked which song do I want to remix. this one was the definite candidate!
I got all the tracks on DAT and used an E-Mu sampler for all the audio stuff and an Atari computer for sequencing.It's much easier nowdays with current technology thats for sure !
due to the nature of local singles which only reach to radio dj's,this remix was never really heard of ! so here's your chance,10 years later !
MP3 Download:
15 Minutes (Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)

Remixing this song evolved into more work with Asaf.I've co-produced "Bamarbolet" with him,I also co-produced the "Silent Engines" Tour,and performed with his band live on MPC,synth and scratching.

Here's "Bamarbolet" Video:

And here's the original version:

26 May, 2008

Laroz Sound system-Live@Barzilay

This is the "Laroz Soundsystem" (Laroz,Sabbo,Kuti,Axum & Shimon) tearin' the roof at the Barzilay club 7/nov/2007.
This tune is called "Music Desire" from Axum's forthcoming album.
Stay tuned !

Seder Yom-Daniel Zilberstein (prod. by Sabbo & Kuti)

we were asked to do a cover version for an Israeli song of our choise for local pop singer "Daniel Zilberstein". the original song was by Lehaka Retorit.an indie/new wave band from the 80's. I always liked this song (and the bassline!).This version never really got the exposure and the airplay I think it deserves...

MP3 Download:
Seder Yom(Right Click and Save As)

25 May, 2008

Soulico- MashaBeha Mixtape

Soulico's critically acclaimed first mixtape,voted as the best mixtape ever released in Israel by Walla! , Israel's leading online news.Originally released in April 2004 ! People keep on asking for it but we ran out of copies long time ago.

Tracklist (in hebrew)

MP3 Download:
Soulico-MasaBeha Mixtape(Right Click and Save As)

22 May, 2008

Ortega & Blackout-Pashoot Mesubach (Sabbo Remix)

Ortega sent me the acapella and although I'm way too busy right now with finishing and mixing Axum's album,I had to remix it !
This tune created quite a buzz in the local hiphop community and started a remix contest (with no prize...)
I'll try and post the other remixes as well.

MP3 Downloads:
Pashoot Mesubach (Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)

and here's the original version (produced by EsVee)

Pashoot Mesubach (Original Version)(Right Click and Save As)

19 May, 2008

some respect from other blogs...

I got featured on some great blogs recently:

18 May, 2008

Onili-Games (Sabbo Remix)

Onili is one of Israel's most talented women around.Her forthcoming album is a crazy clash of rock,electro and pop with Onili's unique attitude.She recently released the "Games EP" with Remixes by Kutiman and by Nadav Ravid.
This is my remix.It's also included on the EP and was featured on the Mad Decent blog and found it's way into a few DJ mixes as well.
You can buy the EP here

MP3 Download:
Onili-Games (Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)

Zulu-Body Work (Sabbo Remix)

Zulu is a wicked producer, engineer and reggae singer from Panama/Chicago.I actually made the riddim track a while ago so I just added the acapella on top.
The original version was produced by DJ C.You should also check and download the free Gods & Robots Mixtape.It features Zulu's vocals with production from DJ C and other remixes by kick ass producers from around the globe,including my remix of "Spanish Fly".
You can also buy the brand new Gods & Robots full lenth album too.

MP3 Download:
Zulu-Body Work(Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)

Soulico-Archeology Mixtape

We are proud to present Soulico's new FREE mixtape titled Archeology: A Deep Dig Into Israeli Grooves.

It's an hour full of Hasidic Disco, Spirutal Soul, Yamanite Funk, Turkish Acid Rock, Arabic Jazz & much more, all recorded & released in Israel by local musicians & artists in the 70's and early 80's. most of the tunes were never reissued on CD and were fairly obscure even when they originally came out. This is the result of a decade of digging in Tel-Aviv's record shops & Flea markets.
Special thanks to Mad Decent for posting the mixtape too.

MP3 Download:
Soulico:Archeology Mixtape (Right Click and Save as)


1. Blastoff-Svika Pick
2. Dimona (spiritual capitol)-Soul Messengers
3. All Night Long-Camel Disco
4. Carry on Jerry-Dory Ben Ze'ev
5. I'm Nina'alo-Albert Piemente
6. DJ Dori- The Platina
7. Ya Shabab-Do you wanna buy a camel?
8. Mystic Magic Love Song-Sherry
9. Ya Habibi-Shlomo Haviv
10.Ya Salaam – Abu Hafla Orchestra
11.Left Right-Disco Made In Israel
12.Soyle Beni -Grazia
13.Hagigat Holedet-Eitan Masouri
14.Disco Queen-Sherry
15.Hasidic Medely-Hasidisco Fever
16.Hoshienu Adonenu-The Soul Messengers
17.Roots Charlie Roots-Jecky Bar-on
18.Reggae Hodi-Kobi Recht
19.Ad Matai-Dont Call Me Black OST
20.Foul Shawarma-Albert Piemente
21.Al Tishkah-Gali Atari
22.Illusions-Izhar Cohen
23.DrorIkra-Igal Bashan
24.Neimat Haoud-Tzliley Haoud
25.Equilibrium-The Soul Messengers
26.Time To Say Shalom- Uncle Moishe

17 May, 2008

Sabbo-Booty Bounce

I think it's my first ever attempt at straight 4x4 beat.Enjoy!

MP3 Download:
Sabbo-Booty Bounce(Right Click and Save As)

Radio Trip-Lonely (Sabbo Remix)

Here's a remix I've made to the RadioTrip track "lonely" from their "Music Heads" Album.

MP3 Download:
Lonely-Sabbo Remix (Right Click and Save As)