27 July, 2009


Axum,The lethal dancehall duo are releasing a new mixtape skillfully mixed by DJ Alarm.

It features remixes and mash-up's and some new bangers from Onili,Fishi,Soul-J,Nechi Nech and more surprises !

To celebrate this Axum gonna have a release party this Thursday at Barzilay Club,I guess it's gonna be wild like their album release party !

MP3 Download:
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23 July, 2009

Axum-Combina THE VIDEO !

20 July, 2009

Sabbo-It Is The Time EP OUT NOW !!!!!!

"It Is The Time" is my first EP ! Out now on vinyl and digital by Botanika Records. This EP features vocalists I've recorded while living in Jamaica vocals from Chicago's master blaster MC Zulu.

You can get it on many on-line stores like iTunes,Amazon etc.

You can grab the vinyl and digital from Juno.


17 July, 2009

Bambook @106 FM 15th July

Bambook release party @ Levontin 7.

MP3 Download:
Bambook @106 FM 15th July
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16 July, 2009

Amanda Blank-Might Like You Better (Sabbo Remix)

Downtown Records are having a remix competition to an Amanda Blank track from her forthcoming album.
You can listen/download the original version here.

MP3 Download:
Amanda Blank-Might Like You Better (Sabbo Remix)
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09 July, 2009

Bambook @106 FM 8th July

So Doni & I started this radio show at 106 FM. We are trying to focus on some global grooves from around the world,mixing street and party beats that keeps you hot !

Here is the recording of our second show.Playlist coming soon...:)

Bambook @106 FM 8th July 2009
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07 July, 2009

dJOoKRoO-Taim La'Ozen Mixtape

dJOoKRoO is an Israeli Hip-Hop group based out of Los Angeles, CA.
The group consists of two cousins Yotam "Anavi" and Mor "Morpheum" Ben-Shimon.
dJOoKRoO recently released their mixtape "Taim LAOzen" (Tasty to the Ear),
which is available for a free download here !

The group is doing shows all across California and soon are planning on moving back to Israel and releasing an album.

02 July, 2009

DJ Eyal Rob-Reshamkol podcast session !

You're lookin' at a 1hr freestyle set starting from soulful rock, slow burner funk fused into a raw one, and goes to hip hop beats mixed with Turkish psyche, African drum meditation & spaced out dub, only to be closed by the original mofo himself, Mr Jimi Hendrix. yesssir !, music to massage your ol' lady by.

The set was recorded live at the infamous Shesek Bar, Tel-Aviv for the first anniversary of Rashamkol, Amir Egozy's (Botanika) weekly podcast at walla.co.il