27 November, 2009

Karolina-Hapiness Remix

Hapiness is Karolina's first single from her new album due to be released Dec 9th.The album was produced by Sabbo & Kuti.
The single is getting massive airplay on Israeli radio and is currently at #2 on the charts.
This remix is actually the original version we did more than two years ago...

Karolina-Happiness (Sabbo & Kuti Remix) by Sabbo

and here's the album version:

16 November, 2009

Coolooloosh-People Of The Streets (Sabbo Remix)

Coolooloosh are a great live hip-hop band mixing funk,jazz and Mediterranean elements into their stew. They are originally from Jerusalem and their MC is Baltimore born "Rebel-Sun".
Their latest album is called "Elements Of Sound".To celebrate it and their intensive tours they have released a remix album.This is my remix:

MP3 Download:
Coolooloosh-People Of The Streets(Sabbo Remix).mp3
(Right Click & Save as)

I've also re-edited the original video to fit my remix.Watch it !