30 June, 2008

Axum-Ma im hakesef ?

A brand new video to Axum's latest single"Ma im hakesef ?" (What's with the money ?).
It was shoot in Netanya ,Axum's hometown.It features their friends and relatives from the hood.
the single was released about a month ago and got some great reviews:
(Music produced by Sabbo & Kuti)

27 June, 2008

Chakamoon-Dont go too far

Shaham Ohana aka Chakamoon is a very talented multi-instrumentalist and singer.He released his album "You & Me" in 2005.
I think this is an amazing song and video.
(directed by:Kutiman)

23 June, 2008

Axum-Pitum Banu-Remixes !!!

Axum's club Banger single was released in Nov 2006.It originally included Kalabata's dirty bass remix.
Here are two more:
a bouncy Baltimore Club remix by Ido Wido of the infamous Soulico,and a laidback remix by Cohen of the famous Cohen@Mushon.
There are some more bootleg remixes around Emule...I'll try to look for them too...

Pitom Banu Single release party on Ynet !

MP3 Download:
Axum-Pitom Banu Wido REMIX (Right Click and Save As)

MP3 Download:
Axum-Pitom Banu Cohen REMIX (Right Click and Save As)

MP3 Download:
Axum-Pitom Banu Kalbata REMIX (Right Click and Save As)

(Try refreshing page if you encounter playback error's)

16 June, 2008

Tomer Yosef-Lazooz (Sabbo & Kuti Remix)

Tomer Yosef was born and raised in kfar saba, Israel. began his acting career as a stand-up comedian in the early 1990’s. He performed live throughout Israel, appeared on a TV show called "Platefuls" and had a radio show on Reshet Gimel, an Israeli radio station, And acting in a couple of Israeli feature films. Tomer moved to New York City and in 1998 started along with itamar zigler "the Zion train" which was a 9 piece band who was performing in n.y.c. after 2 years got together with tamir muskat to produce his first album "Say Something.” In 2001 he got back to Israel to promote and tour. In 2003 started working at his home studio in tel aviv on his 2 album and has worked as an electronic artist, wrote, composed, and produced along with tamir muskat, working on the n.y. tel aviv line. 2004 started a d.j. set and performed all over Israel, while joining to the Balkan Beat Box vision, as a guest singer on the first album and joined the Balkan Beat Box as an m.c. , percussionist and samples in the live shows. These days, after releasing his 2 album “laughing underground”, he is touring Israel and Europe with his band and touring with the Balkan Beat Box all over the world.

We made this remix long time ago...however,we were too late to be included on the single so we played this only at soulico parties and always got great crowd feedback !

MP3 Download:
Tomer Yosef-Lazooz (Sabbo & Kuti Remix)
(Right Click and Save As)

13 June, 2008

GOG-This song will not change your life

This is the first single by GOG,a joint venture of Isreael's dub king Laroz and Gilad Cahana,from the infamous group Girafot.
This song is about Ehud Olmert,Our corrupted prime minister and his 9 souls.

MP3 Download:
This song will not change your life(Right Click and Save As)

03 June, 2008

Asaf Amdursky-15 Minutes (Sabbo Remix)

This is a trip down memory lane here !

Asaf Amdursky's big hit "15 Minutes" was released in 1998 as a CD single and later on his album "Silent Engines".
Asaf played his new album to me and asked which song do I want to remix. this one was the definite candidate!
I got all the tracks on DAT and used an E-Mu sampler for all the audio stuff and an Atari computer for sequencing.It's much easier nowdays with current technology thats for sure !
due to the nature of local singles which only reach to radio dj's,this remix was never really heard of ! so here's your chance,10 years later !
MP3 Download:
15 Minutes (Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)

Remixing this song evolved into more work with Asaf.I've co-produced "Bamarbolet" with him,I also co-produced the "Silent Engines" Tour,and performed with his band live on MPC,synth and scratching.

Here's "Bamarbolet" Video:

And here's the original version: