27 November, 2009

Karolina-Hapiness Remix

Hapiness is Karolina's first single from her new album due to be released Dec 9th.The album was produced by Sabbo & Kuti.
The single is getting massive airplay on Israeli radio and is currently at #2 on the charts.
This remix is actually the original version we did more than two years ago...

Karolina-Happiness (Sabbo & Kuti Remix) by Sabbo

and here's the album version:

16 November, 2009

Coolooloosh-People Of The Streets (Sabbo Remix)

Coolooloosh are a great live hip-hop band mixing funk,jazz and Mediterranean elements into their stew. They are originally from Jerusalem and their MC is Baltimore born "Rebel-Sun".
Their latest album is called "Elements Of Sound".To celebrate it and their intensive tours they have released a remix album.This is my remix:

MP3 Download:
Coolooloosh-People Of The Streets(Sabbo Remix).mp3
(Right Click & Save as)

I've also re-edited the original video to fit my remix.Watch it !

23 October, 2009

Soulico Oct-Nov USA Tour

07 October, 2009

Soulico-Exotic On The Speaker ALBUM OUT TODAY !!!

Mazal Tov! After two years in the making our album is finally out !

Exotic on the Speaker combines Soulico’s trademark eclectic blend of energy-charged beats with a masterful fusion of everything from hip-hop, reggae and dancehall to Israeli folk and disco. The album features guest appearances by Ghostface Killah (Wu Tang), Del the Funky Homosapien, MIA’s protege Rye Rye, Pigeon John, MC Zulu, Ceci Bastida and Middle Eastern MCs Tomer Yosef (of Balkan Beat Box), Onili, Saz,Axum,Soul-J and Rebel-Sun.

Where to buy:
Digitally: iTunes, Amazon or Insound
Physically: JDub Webstore, Amazon and all those fine record stores that you LOVE to visit!
Exotic on the Speaker is also available on vinyl from the JDub Webstore

Check out some of the blog hype this got:
First Up

Download some FREE MP3’s:
S.O.S ft. Pigeon John & Ceci Bastida download
Put Em Up ft. Lyrics Born & Axum download
Exotic on the Speaker ft. Rye Rye download
Queen of Hearts ft. MC ZULU download

03 October, 2009

Busy Signal-Black Belt (Sabbo Remix)

I've just downloaded this tune a couple of hours ago,I love the song but it has no beat (only Kung-Fu samples and a metronome click) so I just had to add something to it...

Busy Signal - Black Belt (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

27 September, 2009

Soulico-Exotic On The Speaker Feat. Rye Rye

Soulico’s debut album out now digitally and on vinyl & CD on Oct 6.
This is our new single featuring Rye Rye.

For those of you who don't know,Rye Rye is M.I.A. protege and signed to her label. She is from Baltimore and her first break was with the amazing Baltimore Club track Shake It To The Ground.

MP3 Download:
Soulico-Exotic On The Speaker Feat. Rye Rye
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08 September, 2009

Kid Conga-Daniel Haaksman Ft.MC Miltinho (Sabbo Remix)

This is another brand new remix I've made to this remix contest.

Daniel Haaksman ft. MC Miltinho - Kid Conga (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

Figura-Ze Bula-Sabbo Remix

This is a remix I've made to the Zebula remix contest.

01 September, 2009

Malca-KsheTiftah Et Ha'eynayim (when you will open your eyes)

This is the fifth track off Malca's album.
Check out previous posts for more of her music and info.

MP3 Download:
KsheTiftah Et Ha'eynayim
(Right Click & Save as)

28 August, 2009

The Wong Boys-Git Ur Fuk On (Sabbo Remix)

I took part in a remix competition for The Wong Boys that was run by Discobelle.
I won it (now I'm filthy rich) and here's the result.

The Wong Boys-Git Ur Fuk On (Sabbo Remix) by Sabbo

23 August, 2009

Ortega-Tikvot (hopes)

Ortega aka OTG is a dope MC with an unstoppable fast flow. This is the first video from his new album.

18 August, 2009

Maluca-El Tigeraso (Sabbo Remix)

Maluca has just released her first single "EL Tigeraso" on Mad Decent.
The original version was produced by Diplo and was officially released with a few more remixes.
I saw her live in San-Francisco and was blown off by her energy and stage presence (and,her beauty...) !
Most of the beats were really up-tempo and the crowd was getting wild.

I've been playing the original version for a while now,but as soon as I got my hands on the acapella I had to remix it too :)

I've kept the original frantic tempo of 166 BPM but gave it an half time intro.

MP3 Download:
Maluca-El Tigeraso (Sabbo Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

14 August, 2009

Exotic On The Mixtape

Soulico are about to release their debut album "Exotic On The Speaker" on Oct 6th.
To celebrate and to hype it we released this mixtape which will only be distributed in the US,and features a taste of the album with some new remixes,acappelas etc.
It is featured on Pitchfork.

If you are in Tel-Aviv you must check the release party on August 21st !

MP3 Download:
Exotic On The Mixtape
(Right Click & Save as)

13 August, 2009

Bambook Radio Show on 106 FM

Bambook is a summer radio show by Me and Daniel Kisluk.Here are two recent shows:

MP3 Download:
Bambook 5 Aug 2009
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Bambook 12 Aug 2009
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12 August, 2009

Amanda Blank-Might Like You Better (Sabbo Remix) VIDEO

Amanda Blank's video was just release and since I've made a remix I had to put it on the video.

You can download my remix here:
MP3 Download:
Amanda Blank-Might Like You Better (Sabbo Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

11 August, 2009

09 August, 2009

USA 808 -She A Boom

I know I'm quite late on this one as it was posted on Mad Decent before.
It came to me quite as a surprise because I'm the one who writes about Israeli stuff over there !!! (big up to Paul Devro for findin' it)

Truth is I don't know nothing about dem boys called USA 808,I tried to look them up but they don't have a myspace page etc..If you know something let me know !

Anyway,this track s bangin' !!!

MP3 Download:
USA 808 -She A Boom
(Right Click & Save as)

04 August, 2009

02 August, 2009

Malca-Kama Meuhevet (So in love with your self)

This is the 4th track out of Malca Ingadeshet's debut album produced by Sabbo & Kuti.

You can look for tracks 1-3 from the album in previous posts.

MP3 Download:
Malca-Kama Meuhevet
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27 July, 2009


Axum,The lethal dancehall duo are releasing a new mixtape skillfully mixed by DJ Alarm.

It features remixes and mash-up's and some new bangers from Onili,Fishi,Soul-J,Nechi Nech and more surprises !

To celebrate this Axum gonna have a release party this Thursday at Barzilay Club,I guess it's gonna be wild like their album release party !

MP3 Download:
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23 July, 2009

Axum-Combina THE VIDEO !

20 July, 2009

Sabbo-It Is The Time EP OUT NOW !!!!!!

"It Is The Time" is my first EP ! Out now on vinyl and digital by Botanika Records. This EP features vocalists I've recorded while living in Jamaica vocals from Chicago's master blaster MC Zulu.

You can get it on many on-line stores like iTunes,Amazon etc.

You can grab the vinyl and digital from Juno.


17 July, 2009

Bambook @106 FM 15th July

Bambook release party @ Levontin 7.

MP3 Download:
Bambook @106 FM 15th July
(Right Click & Save as)

16 July, 2009

Amanda Blank-Might Like You Better (Sabbo Remix)

Downtown Records are having a remix competition to an Amanda Blank track from her forthcoming album.
You can listen/download the original version here.

MP3 Download:
Amanda Blank-Might Like You Better (Sabbo Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

09 July, 2009

Bambook @106 FM 8th July

So Doni & I started this radio show at 106 FM. We are trying to focus on some global grooves from around the world,mixing street and party beats that keeps you hot !

Here is the recording of our second show.Playlist coming soon...:)

Bambook @106 FM 8th July 2009
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07 July, 2009

dJOoKRoO-Taim La'Ozen Mixtape

dJOoKRoO is an Israeli Hip-Hop group based out of Los Angeles, CA.
The group consists of two cousins Yotam "Anavi" and Mor "Morpheum" Ben-Shimon.
dJOoKRoO recently released their mixtape "Taim LAOzen" (Tasty to the Ear),
which is available for a free download here !

The group is doing shows all across California and soon are planning on moving back to Israel and releasing an album.

02 July, 2009

DJ Eyal Rob-Reshamkol podcast session !

You're lookin' at a 1hr freestyle set starting from soulful rock, slow burner funk fused into a raw one, and goes to hip hop beats mixed with Turkish psyche, African drum meditation & spaced out dub, only to be closed by the original mofo himself, Mr Jimi Hendrix. yesssir !, music to massage your ol' lady by.

The set was recorded live at the infamous Shesek Bar, Tel-Aviv for the first anniversary of Rashamkol, Amir Egozy's (Botanika) weekly podcast at walla.co.il

30 June, 2009

Bambook ! A new radio show with Sabbo & Doni Kisluk

Me and Doni Kisluk gonna start a new radio show every Wednesday 16:00 @106FM.
We will try to focus on global urban beats and keep it hot for this summertime !
Be sure to check it out !
You can also listen Online

This is a quick jingle I've made for the show:

Bambook Jingle
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29 June, 2009

Funati Hassid-Mozikat Neshama (Soul Music)

Funati Hassid is one of the "next generation" of Israeli MC's. He's been holding the mic for years now,keeping Jerusalem on lock with his story telling,daily life funky rhymes.
Funati and his crew Hama'afia (The Bakery) are going to release a mixtape very soon titled "It tastes better in Hebrew".

Here is a tasteful taste from it:

MP3 Download:
Funati Hasid-Muzikat Neshama
(Right Click & Save as)

19 June, 2009

25 May, 2009

Malca-To Love

To Love is the third song on Malca Ingadeshet's album.
Check previous posts for more songs and info.

MP3 Download:
Malca-to love
(Right Click & Save as)

08 May, 2009

Major Lazer-Hold The Line-Sabbo Remix

Major Lazer is the brainchild of Diplo and Switch. An album they've recorded in Jamaica.
You can grab the original version,inst and acapella on Mad Decent.

MP3 Download:
Major Lazer-Hold The Line-Sabbo Remix
(Right Click & Save as)

06 May, 2009

Raz Bin Sam-Own This Life

Raz Bin Sam is an Israeli born reggae/dancehall singer who lives in Australia for the last few years. He already released a few albums with the Jamaican/German label Das Vibes.
His song Something to remember,hit the US Independent reggae charts, straight after it’s release in July 07 and remained at number 1 for 4 weeks.

His new album Own This Life will be released on 11th of May and will include three productions by Sabbo & Kuti.

Be sure to check it out !

28 April, 2009

23 April, 2009

Malca-Tahat Einecha (Under Your Eyes)

As promised I will keep uploading tracks from Malca's album.
This one was the first track me and Kuti worked on and was also the first single released.It actually got some nice airplay.There is even a video for you to see...

MP3 Download:
Malca-Tahat Einecha (Under Your Eyes)
(Right Click & Save as)

11 April, 2009

Let Me See...

I saw this girls shakin' to Skankey Leg and had to grab them for my remix!

MP3 Download:
Let me see what you workin' with-Rod Lee (Sabbo Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

05 April, 2009

Rebel Sun, Funati Hassid, Sagol 59 and Vulkan-BBQ

This tune is a collaboration of four MC's from Jerusalem. It is a remake to the Main Source classic,Live at the BBQ.

Rebel Sun is the Balitmore-born MC of live band coolooloosh.
Funati Hasid is from the The Bakery Crew.
Sagol 59 is one of Israel's veterans.His album is now on JDub Records.
Vulcan is a Russian-born MC who released his debut "First Move" about a year ago.

To watch the video and for more info on this,go Here.

MP3 Download:
BBQ 09-Rebel Sun, Funati Hassid, Sagol 59 and Vulkan
(Right Click & Save as)

03 April, 2009

Noa Faran-Don't Play With Me (Adrenaline Remix)

This remix to Noa Faran's hit tune was made by Danny Manor a.k.a. Adrenaline around the time we released the original version.
It features an original verse from LA rapper Tahir Jahi.

MP3 Download:
Don't Play With Me-Noa Faran Feat.Tahir Jahi(Adrenaline Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

02 April, 2009

UBK-Yemen Bros.

UBK (Uri Kinrot) is the guitarist behind the gypsy surf band Boom Pam and Balkan Beat Box.
He is now releasing an album of his productions and remixes called "Massive Soundtrack For The Modern Belly Dancer".

MP3 Download:
Yemen Bros. Feat.Ravid Kahalani (UBK Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

31 March, 2009

Tzliley Ha'oud

Tziley Ha'Oud are holding a reunion show this thursday (2/April) at the Barzilay Club.
To celebrate this they've asked me to do a short remix to promote on the internet.
I chopped up a recording of one of their live shows,added some 808 kicks and clap,Think breakbeat and a synth.

MP3 Download:
Hanale Got Mixed-Up(Sabbo Refix)
(Right Click & Save as)

Here's the original version:

24 March, 2009

Karolina-Release Me (prod. by Sabbo & Kuti)

Karolina was asked to do a cover version to this song originally by Shalom Hanoch.It was from a project of new cover versions to His 83' album "White Wedding".
Me and Kuti had only a few days to produce it because there was a lot of pressure from the label to finish it.Obviously it took more than a year for them to actually release it...
Truth is,We really hated the original version and had no idea why this was considered a classic.

We decided to take the song and flip so instead of this macho rock we made it into a feminine statement ( I guess....)

Everything was recorded and mixed at my place aka Maze Studio.It features horns from Shlomi Alon and Sefi Tzizling
of Hadag Nachash and Funknstein fame.
It also features Moshe Levi on fender rhodes who also played on the original version.

MP3 Download:
Karolina- Release Me
(Right Click & Save as)

19 March, 2009

Balkan Beat Box-Digital Monkey (Soulico Remix)

You probably all know BBB by now,they mix things up with dub and electronics, juxtaposed with ancient Moroccan and Mediterranean melodies,and they are one of the best live acts you can get !

BBB are releasing a remix album called Nu Made and Soulico were asked by the JDub people (we are on the same label) to remix this tune.

We play it a lot on our parties and it always set the crowd on fire!

MP3 Download:
BBB-Digital Monkey (Soulico Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)

14 March, 2009

A Blast From The Past : Soulico's first mixtape (Jan 2001)

Eyal Rob finally found some time to clean his house and accidentally discovered this forgotten mixtape from January 2001.
At that time we used to throw parties in the deep basements under Dizengoff Center and on the mythical underground club,Dinamo Dvash. We used to call our parties Soulico Croov (we still don't know why...)
Back than we had DJ alarm as a Soulico member.He's the one on the decks on this mix.
This was mixed live from our vinyl collection and features "Live Mashups" Done the oldskoool way.

As you can hear,the mixtape represents what we used to spin back than,We were always into good times for the good girls music.Soulico are probably the the first DJ crew to mix Hip-Hop,Reggae and Funk in Israel.
We are the only crew who survived these long years and still doin' it.

This Mixtape also features a funny song we made for our first party.It's called Soulico Anthem with all of us "Rocking" the mic... :)

Soulico are just putting the finishing touches on our forthcoming album Exotic On The Speaker to be released soon by Jdub Records. More details (and music) coming soon.
MP3 Download:

Soulico Croov 2001 Mixtape
(Right Click & Save as)

For Tracklist click Here.

Malca-The Good Days

Me and Kuti first heard Malca while we were in Jamaica. At that time we were mostly into recording and producing reggae and dancehall tunes and riddims. Piloni of Shabak Sameh played us a tape with Malca's songs and asked us if we would like to produce her album once we return to Israel.
We were very impressed with the sincerity in her voice and in her songs.

It took us few more months to finally start this album and we were exited to do it.
We did most of the production and recording at my studio.

The album was released by NMC and was accompanied by a single and a video.Later on they released another single and I don't even have a copy...NMC didn't support it any more. I don't think they ever believed in it in the first place. It did get some support from the radio and got pretty good reviews,
but I don't think this album ever really had a chance...Malca is not the "pushing" type at all.She never really wanted to be famous at all...

That's why I'll be posting the entire album,one song per month.
Here's the first song.

MP3 Download:
(Right Click & Save as)

Malca is the sister of Ayala and Meri Ingadeshet.

DejaVu-Lehadhik Keasim

DejaVu are Moshe Ziv and Jenny.I don't have any more info about them or this song.

MP3 Download:
DejaVu-Lehadhik Keasim
(Right Click & Save as)

11 March, 2009

Ruff-Hazman Shelanu (Our Time)

Ruff is no stranger to this blog.He's been featured a few times already with some banging club tunes.
This one is a bit different and more raw.
It was produced by Shiny Shai and it's GOOD SHIT !
This tune is from a forthcoming mixtape called Back 2 Basics.
MP3 Download:

Ruff - Hazman Shelanu
(Right Click & Save as)

10 March, 2009

OTG & Elparvar-Ding Dong (Sabbo's Oldskool Remix)

Ortega and Elparvar did this song like three years ago.It was never released officially. I grabbed the acapella from
Crack Attack forum and put it on a very basic,very oldskool beat I made (very quickly !)
I just thought this beat gonna fit well since that the song is about keeping it real and against commercial hip-hop.

MP3 Download:
DingDong-Sabbo Oldskool Remix
(Right Click & Save as)

08 March, 2009

Purim Special !!!

It's this time of the year again,Purim !!!
So get your freaky costumes on,get drunk,get crazy,get mad !!!

I've made a Purim Special Remix for you to enjoy.
MP3 Download:
Sabbo's Purim Special
(Right Click & Save as)

Here's two parties you should really check out:
On Monday Soulico plays at The Block club alongside South Rakkas,A wicked production team who are signed to Diplo's Mad Decent label.
Check out their mixtape Here.
click for Facebook Event

On Tuesday you should really check out the Betzalel party in Jerusalem.
4 floors filled with hot sounds.
I'm gonna spin some heavy bass stuff on Jerusalem !!!
Click for Facebook event

07 March, 2009

Say My Name-The Movie

Watch the trailer:

Say My Name is a film about women lyricist in the music industry.From hip hops birthplace in the Bronx to the ladies of grime on Londons eastside.
The film features world renowned stars like MC Lyte,Erykah Badu,Moonie Love,Estelle,Remy Ma and many more.
This film was made by Mamamess,A dou which consists of Israeli born Nirit Peled and Dave Hemmingway from The Netherlands.
I did the original music and sound design for this.
It premiers this March on the prestigious SXSW festival.

06 March, 2009

Daniel Doni & MC Layla - Nunca

Last night I was a guest of Daniel "Doni" at 106FM Kol Hacampus,Israel's best radio station.
The show focused mostly on Brazil's Baile Funk and Angola's Kuduru music.
The star of the show was this girl called Layla which killed it on the mic.
Me and Kuti maybe made the first ever Baile funk in Hebrew(Hakaitz Ba with Ronit Rasta)
But Daniel and Layla did the first ever Israeli Baile funk in Portugesse !!!

MP3 Download:
Daniel Doni & MC Layla
(Right Click & Save as)

A video of Doni and MC Layla live on 106FM:

05 March, 2009

Thru-You : Kutiman remixes YouTube !!!

You really MUST see this ! Kutiman My friend and music collaborator. Remixed videos from YouTube and made a mind blowing Audio-Visual masterpiece.

Click the pic above to see it !!!

27 February, 2009

Tahles-Ein Ahava (No Love) Sabbo Remix

Tahles are:Ilia-Ma'an, Extra-G & Nache.
They are about to release a mixtape soon and a full album later.
They've posted this acapella on the Crack Attack forum.
They originally recorded this tune on a non-original beat and were looking for remixes.
I basically used a beat I already had before,I just added some guitars and sped them up a little.

MP3 Download:
Tahles-Ein Ahava(Sabbo Remix)
(Right Click & Save as)