14 March, 2009

A Blast From The Past : Soulico's first mixtape (Jan 2001)

Eyal Rob finally found some time to clean his house and accidentally discovered this forgotten mixtape from January 2001.
At that time we used to throw parties in the deep basements under Dizengoff Center and on the mythical underground club,Dinamo Dvash. We used to call our parties Soulico Croov (we still don't know why...)
Back than we had DJ alarm as a Soulico member.He's the one on the decks on this mix.
This was mixed live from our vinyl collection and features "Live Mashups" Done the oldskoool way.

As you can hear,the mixtape represents what we used to spin back than,We were always into good times for the good girls music.Soulico are probably the the first DJ crew to mix Hip-Hop,Reggae and Funk in Israel.
We are the only crew who survived these long years and still doin' it.

This Mixtape also features a funny song we made for our first party.It's called Soulico Anthem with all of us "Rocking" the mic... :)

Soulico are just putting the finishing touches on our forthcoming album Exotic On The Speaker to be released soon by Jdub Records. More details (and music) coming soon.
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Soulico Croov 2001 Mixtape
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Yoel said...

Eize kef getting this archaic piece of tune!