14 March, 2009

Malca-The Good Days

Me and Kuti first heard Malca while we were in Jamaica. At that time we were mostly into recording and producing reggae and dancehall tunes and riddims. Piloni of Shabak Sameh played us a tape with Malca's songs and asked us if we would like to produce her album once we return to Israel.
We were very impressed with the sincerity in her voice and in her songs.

It took us few more months to finally start this album and we were exited to do it.
We did most of the production and recording at my studio.

The album was released by NMC and was accompanied by a single and a video.Later on they released another single and I don't even have a copy...NMC didn't support it any more. I don't think they ever believed in it in the first place. It did get some support from the radio and got pretty good reviews,
but I don't think this album ever really had a chance...Malca is not the "pushing" type at all.She never really wanted to be famous at all...

That's why I'll be posting the entire album,one song per month.
Here's the first song.

MP3 Download:
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Malca is the sister of Ayala and Meri Ingadeshet.


summerbreaks said...

קיבלתי את הסינגלים שלה
כשהם שוחררו
ותמהתי למה לא הושמעו כמו שמגיע להם
כי הם ממש טובים

שיהיה לה בהצלחה


Sarah said...

Beautiful production on the "Gaagua" track.