31 October, 2008


Kalbata is one of Israel's top guns when it comes to all things bass. he has produced remixes for Roll Deep, Spank Rock, Fat Freddy's Drop and was recently signed to the prestigious Soul Jazz label with two 12"'s out featuring the mighty Warrior Queen and MC Clapper Priest.
Here is an exclusive Kalbata remix for Sunship's 'Quits', also featuring Warrior Queen.
Sunship ft. Warrior Queen (Kalbata Remix)
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In addition,a recording of Kalbata & Clapper Priest performing live at the Soul Jazz launch party in Tel Aviv!
Kalbata ft Clapper Priest @ Soul Jazz Dance (Part 1)
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Kalbata ft Clapper Priest @ Soul Jazz Dance (Part 2)
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24 October, 2008

Mochipet-Rambunktion (Sabbo Remix)

Mochipet had a remix contest for tracks from his new album.The original acapella features 215 The Freshest Kids and TaiwanKid.
Here's my version.

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13 October, 2008

Love Lockdown-Sabbo Remix

I know this song was remixed many times but I had to remix it too...
I even re-edited the video to fit my version...
MP3 Download:
Kanye West-Love Lockdown Sabbo Remix
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07 October, 2008

E-Z-"You turned out to be a homous" Genius A Remix

E-Z Just sent me this spankin' new remix made by Genius A to his latest single !

MP3 Download:
E-Z:Homous (Genius A Remix)
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peep the video: