27 September, 2008

Finger on the trigger-Sabbo

2002 was a rough year here in Israel.Suicide bombers on a weekly basis,IDF counter attacks,and general moral depression...
I usually try to stay away from politics and governments bullshit but this was way too much for everybody.
I've made this track during those days.I've used the piano intro from Bedouin love song as performed by Daviv Broza and added scratching from various vinyl records.Kuti added some eerie fender-rhodes chords on top as well.

Ben-Gurion closes the track with a very optimistic prophecy... Too bad these scratches are from 30 year old vinyl but still sound very relevant today.
The very limited cd single cover featured DJ Ben-Gurion and was made by Talisman.

MP3 Download:
Finger on the trigger-Sabbo
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And here's the David Broza version:

24 September, 2008

Fishi Hagadol-Street Wise (Kalbata Remix)

Kalbata (Ariel Tagar) is bass music producer from Tel-Aviv.He already done remixes for Spank Rock, Fat Freddy's Drop, Roll Deep, Ben Mono, Jahcoozi and more.
Kalbata just released a new 12" on Soul Jazz Records featuring Warrior Queen.
This remix to Fishi Hagadol (Adam Ben-Lavi) was made few years ago and keeps killin' it on bass heavy dancefloors!

MP3 Download:
Street Wise (Kalbata Remix)
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23 September, 2008

Lel Stav (Autumn Night)-Laroz Remix

Laroz was asked to do this remix for 102fm as a holiday season project.
The original is a classic vintage hebrew song originally recorded in 1966 by Yafa Yarkoni.
This remix samples a later version with both Yafa Yarkoni & Hava Alberstein.

MP3 Download:
Lel Stav-Laroz Remix
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The original Video:

18 September, 2008

Sagol 59-"Head Cleaning" Mankush Remix

This remix to the song by Sagol 59 is taken from a compilation album called "Leshem Shinoi"(for a change) ,dedicated to songs about social change.
For more info visit Shtil.

MP3 Download:
Sagol 59-HeadCleaning MankushRemix
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09 September, 2008

Laroz Ft. Ranking Levy-Roots Man Party

Laroz is Israel's leading Dub and Reggae magician.This time he collaborates with Ranking Levy out of the amazing retro sound system,Mylord Sound.

This tune is going to be released on the "Global Feeders" compilation on Mighty Fat Records.

MP3 Download:
Roots Man Party-Laroz Ft.Ranking Levy
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08 September, 2008

Sabbo & Kuti Ft. Shlomi Alon-"Ma she'at osa"

Me & Kuti made this one with Shlomi Alon in mind.
Shlomi sings and plays sax.He is joined by Yair Slutzki on trombone.
This song was probably played the least times out of all of our songs on the radio,but it is one of our favourites !

MP3 Download:
Sabbo & Kuti Ft.Shlomi Alon-Ma she'at osa
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Sabbo & Kuti Ft.Shlomi Alon-Ma she'at osa-Instrumental
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Sabbo & Kuti Ft.Shlomi Alon-Ma she'at osa-Acapella
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01 September, 2008

Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava Remixes

Soulico's "Avood Me'ahava" (love lost) was originaly released in late 2007.it featured production from Shimi Sonic and vocals from Oren Barzilay of the famous Dr.Kaspers Rabbit Show's .
The single was released with a great remix by Nadav Ravid who works with
Polar Pair and with Botanika.
A few weeks later EsVee did another great remix !

MP3 Download:
Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava Acapella
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Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava-NDV Remix
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Soulico ft.Oren Barzilay-Avood Me'ahava-EsVee Remix
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