27 September, 2008

Finger on the trigger-Sabbo

2002 was a rough year here in Israel.Suicide bombers on a weekly basis,IDF counter attacks,and general moral depression...
I usually try to stay away from politics and governments bullshit but this was way too much for everybody.
I've made this track during those days.I've used the piano intro from Bedouin love song as performed by Daviv Broza and added scratching from various vinyl records.Kuti added some eerie fender-rhodes chords on top as well.

Ben-Gurion closes the track with a very optimistic prophecy... Too bad these scratches are from 30 year old vinyl but still sound very relevant today.
The very limited cd single cover featured DJ Ben-Gurion and was made by Talisman.

MP3 Download:
Finger on the trigger-Sabbo
(Right Click and Save As)

And here's the David Broza version:


Frank said...

this is an amazing track. i first heard it on Quami's Hakatze radio show. only recently I found out that the cut-out speech samples are from an compilation album of radio transmissions from the 6 Day War.

i only had it in 128kbps until now, so thanks for the higher quality track! i'd love to get a hold of the physical single too.

Noiz In Zion said...

the CD single was home made...only about 5 copies were ever printed..