30 June, 2009

Bambook ! A new radio show with Sabbo & Doni Kisluk

Me and Doni Kisluk gonna start a new radio show every Wednesday 16:00 @106FM.
We will try to focus on global urban beats and keep it hot for this summertime !
Be sure to check it out !
You can also listen Online

This is a quick jingle I've made for the show:

Bambook Jingle
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29 June, 2009

Funati Hassid-Mozikat Neshama (Soul Music)

Funati Hassid is one of the "next generation" of Israeli MC's. He's been holding the mic for years now,keeping Jerusalem on lock with his story telling,daily life funky rhymes.
Funati and his crew Hama'afia (The Bakery) are going to release a mixtape very soon titled "It tastes better in Hebrew".

Here is a tasteful taste from it:

MP3 Download:
Funati Hasid-Muzikat Neshama
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19 June, 2009