09 August, 2009

USA 808 -She A Boom

I know I'm quite late on this one as it was posted on Mad Decent before.
It came to me quite as a surprise because I'm the one who writes about Israeli stuff over there !!! (big up to Paul Devro for findin' it)

Truth is I don't know nothing about dem boys called USA 808,I tried to look them up but they don't have a myspace page etc..If you know something let me know !

Anyway,this track s bangin' !!!

MP3 Download:
USA 808 -She A Boom
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The Incredible Kid said...

A year of google alerts later and I am still wanting to find out more about this band. Or at least get a better sound file of this song.

Anonymous said...

Hey man how are I hope that everything ok u can search me on Facebook gal frish I am one of the singers.