05 April, 2009

Rebel Sun, Funati Hassid, Sagol 59 and Vulkan-BBQ

This tune is a collaboration of four MC's from Jerusalem. It is a remake to the Main Source classic,Live at the BBQ.

Rebel Sun is the Balitmore-born MC of live band coolooloosh.
Funati Hasid is from the The Bakery Crew.
Sagol 59 is one of Israel's veterans.His album is now on JDub Records.
Vulcan is a Russian-born MC who released his debut "First Move" about a year ago.

To watch the video and for more info on this,go Here.

MP3 Download:
BBQ 09-Rebel Sun, Funati Hassid, Sagol 59 and Vulkan
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Anonymous said...

This is very cool. A great remake for a classic song!

Sabbo, thanks for bringin' the Israeli HEAT, as always.

Anonymous said...

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