03 June, 2008

Asaf Amdursky-15 Minutes (Sabbo Remix)

This is a trip down memory lane here !

Asaf Amdursky's big hit "15 Minutes" was released in 1998 as a CD single and later on his album "Silent Engines".
Asaf played his new album to me and asked which song do I want to remix. this one was the definite candidate!
I got all the tracks on DAT and used an E-Mu sampler for all the audio stuff and an Atari computer for sequencing.It's much easier nowdays with current technology thats for sure !
due to the nature of local singles which only reach to radio dj's,this remix was never really heard of ! so here's your chance,10 years later !
MP3 Download:
15 Minutes (Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)

Remixing this song evolved into more work with Asaf.I've co-produced "Bamarbolet" with him,I also co-produced the "Silent Engines" Tour,and performed with his band live on MPC,synth and scratching.

Here's "Bamarbolet" Video:

And here's the original version:


זוכמן said...

יופי של עבודה עשית
אחלא מיקס מיקססתא

Adamczak said...

יופי של עבודה עשית אחלא מיקס מיקססתא :-)