18 May, 2008

Soulico-Archeology Mixtape

We are proud to present Soulico's new FREE mixtape titled Archeology: A Deep Dig Into Israeli Grooves.

It's an hour full of Hasidic Disco, Spirutal Soul, Yamanite Funk, Turkish Acid Rock, Arabic Jazz & much more, all recorded & released in Israel by local musicians & artists in the 70's and early 80's. most of the tunes were never reissued on CD and were fairly obscure even when they originally came out. This is the result of a decade of digging in Tel-Aviv's record shops & Flea markets.
Special thanks to Mad Decent for posting the mixtape too.

MP3 Download:
Soulico:Archeology Mixtape (Right Click and Save as)


1. Blastoff-Svika Pick
2. Dimona (spiritual capitol)-Soul Messengers
3. All Night Long-Camel Disco
4. Carry on Jerry-Dory Ben Ze'ev
5. I'm Nina'alo-Albert Piemente
6. DJ Dori- The Platina
7. Ya Shabab-Do you wanna buy a camel?
8. Mystic Magic Love Song-Sherry
9. Ya Habibi-Shlomo Haviv
10.Ya Salaam – Abu Hafla Orchestra
11.Left Right-Disco Made In Israel
12.Soyle Beni -Grazia
13.Hagigat Holedet-Eitan Masouri
14.Disco Queen-Sherry
15.Hasidic Medely-Hasidisco Fever
16.Hoshienu Adonenu-The Soul Messengers
17.Roots Charlie Roots-Jecky Bar-on
18.Reggae Hodi-Kobi Recht
19.Ad Matai-Dont Call Me Black OST
20.Foul Shawarma-Albert Piemente
21.Al Tishkah-Gali Atari
22.Illusions-Izhar Cohen
23.DrorIkra-Igal Bashan
24.Neimat Haoud-Tzliley Haoud
25.Equilibrium-The Soul Messengers
26.Time To Say Shalom- Uncle Moishe


Anonymous said...

the link doesn't work..??

Anonymous said...

works! (still) and thankfully so

Joe Wallace said...

this mixtape is totally awesome. More Tel Aviv disco, please!

Renato Csatich said...

thank you!

Renato Csatich said...

pls do something...it does not work...
the best playlist ever....