18 May, 2008

Onili-Games (Sabbo Remix)

Onili is one of Israel's most talented women around.Her forthcoming album is a crazy clash of rock,electro and pop with Onili's unique attitude.She recently released the "Games EP" with Remixes by Kutiman and by Nadav Ravid.
This is my remix.It's also included on the EP and was featured on the Mad Decent blog and found it's way into a few DJ mixes as well.
You can buy the EP here

MP3 Download:
Onili-Games (Sabbo Remix)(Right Click and Save As)


Anonymous said...

אתה יכול לעלות גם את הרמיקס של קותי בבקשה?

Noiz In Zion said...

No. cant post kuti's remix. It's not mine. I will do it later on when Onili's album is released.