11 July, 2008

Sagol 59 ft. Dan Toren-Ping Pong (GreenHouse Remix)

Sagol 59 recently released his new album "Make Room".The album was well received by both critics and fans.The album's main producer is the 17 year old prodigy called Little Johny.
It is released in the US by Jdub Records.
Ping Pong is the first single released and features guest vocals by Dan Toren.It also included a really cool reggae remix by GreenHouse (Amir Estlein).

It's all yours to download and enjoy!

MP3 Download:
Sagol 59 feat.Dan Toren-PingPong (GreenHouse Remix)
(Right Click and Save As)


Question Marc said...

A very cool song from the founding father of TRUE Israeli Hip Hop!

Anonymous said...

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