21 February, 2009

Tamborzuda-Sabbo Remix

I've found this unknown acapella on my hard drive.I had no clue who is this MC but I was really looking for a Baile/Carioca Funk acapella for a long time...
I've just found out it was released on Man Recordings and it's MC Thiaguinho on the mic.
Funny thing is that me and Kuti actually produced the first ever Funk Carioca song in hebrew,Hakaitz ba by Ronit Rasta.

This remix here is not typical Funk Carioca,It'smore of a club beat.

MP3 Download:
Tamborzuda-Sabbo Remix
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Anonymous said...

סאבו הקטע מעולה!
אני שומע אותו בלופים כבר כמה זמן...